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Sorry I do not produce online workshops or You Tube tutorials for overseas customers. I run a couple of in person workshops annually in the North Yorkshire area. I  am fortunate that places sell out quickly. If you would like to join my mailing list, recipients are advised of upcoming workshops before they go on general sale. 


I rarely sell through galleries, except when a piece of work is part of a  specific exhibition. This allows me to keep competitive pricing, as galleries typically charge 35-50% commission on my website prices. Buying directly from an artist makes it more affordable for the buyer. If you are interested in a piece of work to purchase I am happy to provide additional photographs on request. 


I am fortunate that a large percentage of my work goes to collectors in the United States of America. All work shipped is carefully packed and insured. Typically USPS will be the carrier once in the US. If any import duties are incurred these are the responsibility of the purchaser.

European sales have become more complicated since the UK left the EU. Whilst I can still ship throughout Europe, the final costs to the customer is somewhat unpredictable. Typically the EU levies a VAT charge of 20% on the delivered price stated on my website. In addition the delivery company charges an administration charge to handle the import documentation. The customs tariff code I use is zero rated, so you are not paying customs duty on the goods, just solely VAT and administration. The administration charge varies by the delivery company in country. So I am unable to give definitive costs.

Recent examples shipped in  2023:  

1. A picture 162 Euro plus shipping to France, resulted in a local charge to the  French customer of an additional 41 EURO.

2. A picture 80 EURO plus shipping to France resulted in a local charge to the  French customer of an additional 21 EURO

3. A picture 162 EURO plus shipping to France, resulted in no charge to the customer upon receipt. ZERO Charge.

4. A picture 80 EURO plus shipping to France, resulted in ZERO Charge.

5. A picture 93 EURO plus shipping to France, resulted in ZERO Charge.

These are recent examples, I want EU customers to be aware of possible additional charges. 


World of Wool, Yorkshire. Good online website with a huge range of dyed merino tops plus a vast array of other plant and animal-based fibres. www.worldofwool.co.uk  

Wingham Wool Works,  Online website, Please note Wingham are relocating from North Yorkshire to Gloucestershire in February 2023 www.winghamwoolwork.co.uk

Adelaide Walker, Yorkshire. A nice range of wool tops, equipment, and supplies. www.adelaidewalker.co.uk

Etsy there are lots of independent dyers who sell wool tops and speciality fibres and threads. Many sellers produce smaller dyed batches, which make work look totally unique to you. I love supporting independent makers! 

My favourite maker for thick and thin homespun yarn, which is lovely to incorporate in wet felting is Gaia Fibre Studio, you can find their Etsy shop HERE

Wool Warehouse – Have a very good range of wool and embroidery thread. I have always received a very good service from them, stock levels are usually good. www.woolwarehouse.co.uk


If you think you would like to try dying your own wool, I recommend the following books. 

Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece by Gail Callahan ISBN: 139781603424684

The Modern Natural Dyer: A Comprehensive Guide to Dyeing Silk, Wool, Linen, and Cotton at Home by Kristine Vejar ISBN: 9781617691751

Wild Colour: How to Make and Use Natural Dyes by Jenny Dean ISBN: 978-1784725532


Most of my frames are made to measure from a high street framer. I have a preference to frame in natural wood, either unvarnished oak without stain, or where possible wood that comes from a FSC certified forest.  Painted frames are also bespoke made from wood of good quality, not mdf! I like the marriage between the natural materials I use in my work and a complementary natural wood frame. 

Bespoke frames can be expensive. Both frames and mounts can be a very personal choice. It may be possible to supply work unframed, please contact me to enquire. Over time my customers have shown a preference to purchase work in quality frames. Much of my work is shipped to the USA, the work is insured and typically takes around 7-14 days. Shipping is charged at cost, I do not make a profit from shipping.  

Are you a maker? I encourage you to talk to your local high street framer. When purchasing several frames at a time, they often give a discount, so worth talking to them. 


I have written a blog post about this subject. You can read how and why, by clicking HERE


All my greeting cards are professionally printed on carefully chosen card stock. The card stock shows off the individual fibres in my work. I highly recommend using a printing service that is used to working to the standards of giclee prints. Together you can work out card stock that will suit your work. Goog quality images are key to obtaining good results. Some companies can offer to do this for you at cost. As a photographer I take all my own images, then work with the printing company to obtain the best results. It is usual for a proof fee to be charged. 

I have in the early days used online self-upload, bulk print services, even though I am in control of my own photography, the results have always been disappointing. Now I use a company from my time living in the Peak District, the results are the best I have found. www.originalgiclee.co.uk


I use a Janome sewing machine. You do not need a fancy computerised sewing machine with lots of programmes a more basic model is ok,  but you need to be able to drop the feed dogs. Replace needles often and watch your fingers! Beginners I suggest practising on a similar weighted fabric that you intend to work on. Practise running stiches up and down left to right, write your name, practise circles. Try to relax and as practicing handwriting as a child,  confidence and your own style will evolve. 

My machine is similar to this Janome, it has never let me down and gets a lot of use! 


I do not use stabilising fabric behind my work, whether for free motion machine embroidery or hand stitching. Felt is a robust fabric that takes stitching well. Always check the tension on a similar weighed piece of felt before machine stitching. 


I rarely work within the confines of an embroidery hoop. I like to work freely!


For books about dyeing wool see section above

British Wool for Feltmaking by the International Feltmakers Association ISBN: 9781785009891


TextileArtist.org  This is a great resource website with a vast array interesting articles and subjects. I have been featured in one of their ‘Discover’ articles, you can read it by clicking here Discover: Floral Textile Artists

www.Embracingwool.co.uk  A collaboration of textile artists who primarily work with wool. Liz Riley and I are co-founders. We collectively come together for exhibitions and demonstrations and have creative day meet ups every few months for members. 


It has recently come to my attention that numerous pieces of my original work have been copied and are currently for sale or have sold by an international buisness via the platform Etsy. Some are even available to order with different size options! The most brazen copy was photoshopped on top of my original frame and the business owner even left my (c) Lynn Comley watermark on the image on their Etsy listing. Two of the pictures copied were the view from my previous house!  Pricing structure was similar to mine, so you can imagine how frustrating this was. 

I feel sorry for the people who purchased the inferior copied work. Etsy were informed, their initial response was poor and subsequent communication only resulted in one  image being removed. I do not and never will sell on ETSY. If you find examples of my work that have been copied for commercial gain by other businesses, could you please drop me an email with the details. 


Google is a wonderful tool for any other questions. Over the years I have figured most things out myself by either using Google, or more rewardingly through personal experimentation, it’s fun to play! I believe you learn far more by experimenting and recording your findings, whether that is by note making or photographing different stages of an experiment.

Sorry, I can no longer answer specific questions about ‘how to make’ or ‘where to buy’ specific raw materials or how I create my work. I get inundated with requests and spend a disproportionate amount of time replying. Some of the questions I deem are sensitive commercial information. I need to focus my time on my creative time and my customers.  

Thank you for understanding. 


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